Writer’s constipation. Yeah.

I’ve been kind of taking it easy on the blog front–sorry about that. I’m taking this bit of time between ROW 80 rounds to do a bit of very necessary decluttering around the house. I’m also trying to plan for next year’s school year (we homeschool, for those just joining me).

I’ve been experiencing some resistance to my new story. I’ve planned it, and did a lot of character work for it, but I really am getting stuck about moving on with it. I think part of it has to do with perfectionism. I have this fear that what I write will not be spectacularly wonderful the very first time through. And also, this story is the first absolutely brand spanking new thing I have written, with new characters, new plot, setting, the whole shebang, in quite a while. My previous projects this year have involved mostly tying up loose ends left over from when things exploded a couple years ago. This is the new me writing the new me’s stuff. So of course, all this competition arises in my mind, all these stories saying, “Oh, write ME, I’m so much better than that thing you are trying to write now… But no. If you listen to those voices, not only do you risk a trip to the looney bin, but you also risk never completing anything, because the grass always seems greener on the other side (Heh, yes, this post is as cliche-ridden as you think it is). Sometimes it really IS greener, but you have to be able to look at your particular situation and be able to judge. Sometimes, a story is just not working, and you have to know when to stop, or at least put it back into the incubator for a while. Most of the time, at least with me, it is just that the story isn’t so new and shiny as it used to be. That’s just life. Think about it this way. Quitting on your story because it just isn’t as exciting or new to you would be like quitting on your dog because he’s not that cute fluffy puppy anymore. Would you do that to your dog? Then don’t do it to your story, either.
So, July 4th starts a new round of ROW 80. I’ll be posting my goal post in a couple days (that’s called procrastination, kids). And I also went on an adventure to Higgin’s Armory, which I wanted to blog about (Yup, that p word again). Until then, I MUST WRITE.

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