Adventure: Boston Public Gardens

On Monday last, I went to Boston, one of the foci being the Public Gardens. It’s June, which means that all the duckling have hatched. I have a weakness for the wee, fuzzy, peepy things, so here they are:

Mom and her babies.

Swan boat.

Washington in his Bruins garb.

Nesting swans. It was fascinating, watching them work.

McCloskey’s ducklings, in their Bruins garb. They are all personalized, too, funny!

Cool architecture. Boston has no lack of that!

My assistant, the Chief, in the planning stages of a mecha-rabbit you can ride upon…
Or for those who prefer a more slow and steady pace…
Lovely trip. We took the commuter train from Worcester to Boston, and then back again. Lunch was at the Salty Dog at Quincy Market, where they have wicked awesome clam chowdah and fish and chips. And dinner… dinner was at the Prudential Center’s Cheesecake Factory. DEVINE!!
Until next time…

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