You never stop learning…

And that is a good thing. How boring would life be if we never experienced anything new, never tried anything outside of our sphere of knowledge?

I wanted to be done “outlining” my story at the end of last week. But, as I am still in the sort of “rediscovery” phase of writing (remember, I had a couple of really bad years here, where I really didn’t write much. Coming back into it I find that I need to learn all over again how I best work), I was doing things in a kind of organic way, keeping an open mind. What I’ve found is that I work best by planning a bit, brainstorming, getting down the structure, and then writing bits from the scenes in that section. The important, emotional bits that are the reason for having the story THAT WAY. Then I will go and do another section, plan it, and do the same. This seems to work extremely well for me. So while I am still not completely done planning, I am still getting some writing done at the same time.

Another thing: I have rediscovered the joy of “happy accidents.” I had my main character have a certain hobby/obsession. The other night during my research, I discovered that her obsession is actually pretty significant to another topic that is part of the plot. That makes me very happy, because it provides just one more subtle level of cohesion in the story. And I really think that if I had been pantsing along as much as I have been doing, I would have missed it.

So, ROWers, I think that just now, I will announce that my round of ROW 80 has been a success. I completed and submitted my short story (and I feel good about it!), and I started on the next one. But most importantly, I really have rediscovered what makes me tick, and instead of going by my gut, I can actually explain what my process is. Sort of. I feel like i have adequately gotten myself into my profession again, where I really feel like a writer again, for the first time in like two years.

This is Golden Celebration, again. She is sad because it was raining.

This is Angel Face. She has a WONDERFUL fragrance. I need to transplant her, though, because she is not particularly happy where she is.


One thought on “You never stop learning…

  1. I am a fan of your process! I kind of brainstorm, write ABOUT the story, outline a chunk, write, re-outline, and write some more. I usually call it the spew outline spew process lol. I totally know what you mean about sort of understanding your process. Congrats on meeting your goals, and early! See you in Round 3 🙂

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