It’s about to get steamy…

There is a webinar from Writer’s Digest tomorrow on the writing of science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal. It is 90 minutes long. I signed up, not so much for the information (“read read read, write write write” really is the best writing advice ever) as for the motivational aspect. I always leave these things feeling refreshed and newly motivated, which in itself makes the webinar worth it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’m making progress with the planning stages of my new short story. I’m really hoping to have a rough outline done by Sunday. I should be able to accomplish that, but with my son’s birthday party this weekend, along with the allergy sludge, who knows. I also have a few critiques to do ASAP as well.

We’re supposed to reach 100 degrees tomorrow! Phew! Remember how I was complaining a couple weeks ago about it being too cold? Sigh… SPRING would have been nice. 75 degrees, 80 for a few weeks. Not straight to 90 and 100!

And now, I give you Moondance…


2 thoughts on “It’s about to get steamy…

  1. The webinar sounds really good, I'm curious to hear how it goes. I agree! When I walked out of work today I almost passed out from the humidity.Pretty roses!

  2. The webinar was pretty good. Not as good as Kristin Nelson's last summer, but still, pretty good. She covered a lot of material, most of which I already knew, but of course hearing someone saying the stuff out loud versus just reading it on a page puts a different perspective on it.

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