A Decision Has Been Made

Well, ROWers, we are heading for the home stretch. Only a couple weeks left to round two.

My manuscript has been sent on its way. It is now out of my hands. Of course, hours after mailing it I came across this little bitty post-it note with little bitty writing on it that had this INGENIOUS idea for a paragraph in the story. It was golden. Oh well, I just stuck it in my notebook and I’ll keep it there until the story comes back. If the story finds a home this time, thenI guess it was good enough without the paragraph. If it does not find a home, then I’ll just write it in then.

So that is the end of my big goal for ROW 80, round two. Last week I was trying to decide whether or not I wanted to work on my novel or if I should write another short. I have decided to do another short story. Since I am hoping to increase my writing hours, there should be enough time for me to write the short and then between drafts work on my novel. I’ll do everything in shifts. During the times when my short is “resting,” I will work on my novel and vice versa.

Goal for the week: Write an outline (a very BASIC outline) of my short story and do the research necessary (or at least start to) to actually start writing it. The unfortunate thing is that the public library system in MA is lacking in the books I need to do my research. So I might have to buy a couple (oh, nuts…).

My rose bushes are blooming. If I can ever figure out how to do it (like how to get the pictures from the camera on to my computer…), I might post some of them here. I will also post pictures from yesterday’s book release party for The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross. Lots of fun. It’s always great to see her and I got to meet Doctor Grymm (and his secretary :)). The cupcakes were scrumptious!


3 thoughts on “A Decision Has Been Made

  1. It's good to have multiple projects to work on. When I get stuck on my main novella, I often jump over and tinker with one of my other novels; even though I rarely make any real progress with these secondary projects, at least it keeps the writing muscles active.Also, depending on what type of memory card your camera uses, you might be able to pick up a cheap USB adaptor somewhere.

  2. having sim problem – i borrowed camera when i was away and now find can't download am off shopping for adapter this a.m. well done on major goal – good luck with the dreadful buisness of buying more books!!!!!ah when do we ever have more than we need! – I envy you being able to work on two things at once – I can only allow myself to think on a second otherwise 'new' would win every tome – my fault I guess for announcing a publication date!!! best of luck for this week

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