Dusting off, getting back up!

OK, where was I now? I HATE being sick. It throws a wrench into everything, not just writing, but school for my son, and the housework… I am so far behind with everything it’s just insane!

ROW 80–OK, I have to get back on track with this. It’s not to late for me to still accomplish my original goals here! I just have to get cracking. I think this time, I may have built in a little TOO much cushion time. I mean, seriously… I should not have been able to be so lazy this time around as I have been. So basically, I have to spend the rest of the week editing and reworking my short story one last time. I hope. I haven’t decided whether or not I want to send it for another round of critiques. Really, I am sick of seeing it at this point, so maybe I’ll just have the husband look at it. He’s good about telling me if there is a problem.

After this weekend, I am going to have to decide if I want to write another short for a certain quarterly science fiction contest, or if I want to really get rolling on my novel. Or both… It should be possible to work on both. And I need to set up a schedule and a plan.

Yesterday I came up with at least three story ideas while I was doing housework, but I didn’t write any of them down… I don’t know when I’m going to learn!


4 thoughts on “Dusting off, getting back up!

  1. I really SHOULD. I think I have something in my phone that can do that. I wish I had something that I could just say, "Jeeves, take this down…" so I wouldn't have to stop whatever I'm doing to record or write. I'm just so darned lazy (and ADHD!).

  2. Hope you're all mended! The voice recorder is a great idea…what we really need, though, is a house wired to pick up whatever we say. Star Trek like, you know–"Computer, novel log:…"I'm wrestling with keeping up my short story output (still need mine for this quarter of that certain contest you mention, plus another one to keep me at my targeted five-in-submission) AND working on my novel. The novel's been getting short shrift lately, sigh. I know there's fluff time somewhere in my day, I just don't know where it is….

  3. LOL Yes, Grayson, that is exactly what I need! If it could make me some "Earl Grey, hot" too, that would be nice…I'm dealing with that exact thing… I'm leaning a bit toward the novel at this point, because I really would like to pitch it next spring. So I'm thinking perhaps I will take this quarter and really work on the novel, and when a draft is done, then I will see about a short story.

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