I have some sort of allergy-cold thing. Yuck. And I think my son has caught it–double yuck. At least I will be mostly over it by the time it gets going with him. I remember when he was a baby (well, about 2) and we both had the flu at the same time. I was lying on the couch, and he lay on top of me, and we resembled corpses for a couple days. Yuck.

I went to see the movie Priest today. It had gotten some bad reviews, but I thought it was entertaining. There were cheesy moments, and times when I said, “Man, that was a clunker…” referring to the writing or directing. But I think Paul Bettany saved the film. His acting was good enough to overcome the bad spots. Plus… I mean, how bad could a movie be with Paul Bettany in it anyway? Some of the “surprises” were predicable, etc. But as I said, the movie itself was entertaining and up my alley.

Writing… I just have not felt well enough to do much creative work, but I have been reading a lot, both novels and books on writing. That sort of counts, doesn’t it? Hopefully once my head clears out, things will get back to normal.


3 thoughts on “Blech…

  1. Thank you… I'm trying to get into my new groove. I think this one may be just temporary until I can figure something out… I am horrible at customizing things like blogs and so forth. I have no concept of how to do it! Like your blog has the cutest background! No idea how you did it…. 🙂

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