Things are more or less on track with ROW 80. I am REALLY glad I built in a little “freak out time” when I was figuring out my goals. That worked out perfectly!

So by the 7th I was hoping to have the next to the last round of tweakings done on my short story. I think I can still handle that. Even if I am a few days late though, I don’t think it would matter much.

A new goal I have by the 10th is to polish up the first page of one of my novels to submit to a “cold read” session by some agents and editors at the Connecticut Fiction Festival. Yikes! Thank goodness it is anonymous…

I have been learning more, through this process of ROW 80, about my work process. I gave myself a goal for short stories, because they are a path I can take to break into the business a bit, to get my name and work recognized a little. But I do really miss working on novels. So I am thinking about getting a couple of contemporary romances out of my system that have been hanging out in there for a while. No sense in wasting perfectly good ideas! I also want to start focusing more on enjoying my work, rather than constantly worrying about what the *right* thing to do is. After looking at the careers of several people whom I admire, really, there doesn’t seem to be one particular RIGHT way. There is just *their* way.

If my headache goes away, hopefully it will be a productive day!

Found out my conference buddy is indeed going to the Connecticut Fiction Fest, dashing my fears that I would have to do it alone. Hurray!


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