I’m still waiting…

for Spring! Yesterday we went to get plants from the nursery and almost froze to death. But I refuse to give in!

A couple days ago I declared the good draft of my story to be DONE, and sent it off to some nice people for critiques. Now I’m going to read and critique their stories while my next story is simmering in the pot of my imagination. I also need to decide what I am going to bring to the Donald Maass workshop I am attending at the end of the month. Obviously I have some short stories in progress, but his stuff mainly pertains to novels. We are supposed to bring a work in progress. I do have a novel, but it needs a lot of organization before I can bring it in a usable form. So I’d better get to work….

This means I am officially on step 2 of my ROW 80 goals. AND I am on schedule. Hurray!

And of course, my printer chooses NOW to run out of toner…

ANNOUNCEMENT: It was just announced that I am a “strong contender” for a contest I entered a couple months ago. Can’t say which contest, because of the judging and so forth, but I am psyched!


5 thoughts on “I’m still waiting…

  1. Hi Melanie! Congratulations on meeting you goals….and meeting them on time. It must feel great to finish a WIP, to declare, "I'm done!". One of these days, (hopefully by the end of June) I will know. Have a great Sunday. ~Nadja

  2. Congrats on your contest and being on schedule. That must feel so GREAT!I am soooo with you on the gardening. I want to plant all my seeds (and little seedlings) badly, but I keep telling myself to wait just a little longer. I'm so excited to see everything green and growing!

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