Yet another cloudy Wednesday…

Heh, so I went back and read my post from yesterday on melodrama… Definitely not the best of writing. There are even typos in it. If the point of it did not come across at all, let me know and I will redo it. That will teach me for posting in a rush!

I “finished” rewriting the end of my short story yesterday (and I put that in quotes, because when are we EVER really finished?), and today I need to go to the beginning and make sure my hook is there bright and early. I also have to make sure I spend just the right amount of time on the “milieu” of the story. Since it is science fiction, I need to make sure readers get a good feel for where and when they are, and what sort of a place it is, etc. But I also need to make sure that the story is not bogged down in details. Every detail and description has to do a job, and has to move the story forward, otherwise, it has no place there. I heard someone say that in a story, especially a short story, every word has to do its job. Well, I’ll go one step further, and say that every word needs to do TWO jobs. The first is the job it originally was intended for, the obvious job. The second is something that is not so obvious. Choose your words very carefully. When using a verb, don’t just use the one that gets the job done; use the one that really puts the reader in the world of your story. BUT, don’t overdo it, either. Your writing shouldn’t call attention to itself. It takes a lot of practice to get that right, but it is worth it.

Having a nasty day here. It’s raining again, and is not exactly warm. For some reason, and i’ve heard this from several other people as well, this winter seems to be a never ending torture session. It hasn’t even been that bad of a winter weather-wise, but for anyone who has SAD, it was a killer, and continues to be so. Spring feels like it is NEVER going to come.

So the next phase of ROW 80 starts tomorrow, when I send my short story out to some folks to critique. As hard as I’ve worked, and continue to work, on this story, I know that there is more work to come! But the good news is that after tomorrow, I can take a break for a little while from this particular story, and get planning on my next. I’m going to attempt to plot the next one more than this one, and hope that there will be fewer problems with it.


3 thoughts on “Yet another cloudy Wednesday…

  1. There's such a thing as "finished"?! Completion isn't some mythical creature whose footprints have never been spotted? Well, I never . . .Congratz on the progress, Melanie! Hope the rest of the week goes well for you.

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