Shhh, don’t move or you’ll scare it…

I think spring might be finally HERE! I want to go to my favorite nursery today and grab some plants. I’m not expecting anymore snowstorms… Mind you, that does not mean that we WON’T have any more, but I like to think positively.

As far as ROW 80 goes, I’m doing well. I completed a first draft, a couple people have read it and commented. It’s not as bad as it seemed to be while I was writing it (good thing!), but it still needs a little work before I send it out for another round of critiques. It the usual trying to figure out exactly where to begin and end the story. Actually, I thought of the perfect ending a couple nights ago…. while I was lying in bed doing nothing. But, idiot I am, I did not write it down. SO…I fell asleep and it is gone. I’m letting the story sit until at least tomorrow, and then I will go through and make some changes, and on the 14th, right on schedule, I will send it out for a few more critiques.

I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for my next story. I have lots of single ideas, but still as of yet have to come up with the secondary ideas that really make a story out of them. I have ideas coming out of my ears, but no stories yet. But it will come.

I’m going out in the garden today, though. 🙂 I will try to share pictures as things start to come up. We have tons of green shoots poking their ways up! And three little garter snakes living in our stone wall.


11 thoughts on “Shhh, don’t move or you’ll scare it…

  1. I hate when I lose an idea! I keep paper and pens on my bedside locker now and try to force myself to jot down any idea, big or small. Sadly, I sometimes fall asleep in the middle of it. ;)Best of luck next week, hope Spring sticks around for you!

  2. Happy Spring!Eh, it probably wasn't *that* good of an ending. At least that's what I tell myself every time I lose an idea right before I fall asleep. ;)Sounds like you're right on schedule. Nicely done!

  3. Hopped over from the Linky. Glad things are going well for you. Never thought about only doing shorties. Must be challenging coming up with story ideas all the time. 🙂 One benefit of novels is you get some time before you have to think of something new to write.

  4. LOL I *do* have a pen and paper next to my bed, but I was so tired, I just could not roll over to get them. Ugh.Coming up with new, workable ideas is challenging, but it keeps me limber :). I have a longer term goal of writing four short stories this year, and working on my novel in between them as time permits. I finished the first during round one, and right now I am working on the second story. By the end of round two I am hoping to have a rough draft of story 3.

  5. Congrats on a completed draft! And I know how you feel about the ideas being there, but not having an actual story yet. It's so frustrating because you want to write, but it's just not ready yet.

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