It’s that bad part….

It’s odd to be starting a round of ROW 80 by ending something, but, there it is. I’m just now doing the ending of the first draft of a science fiction short story, and until about 11 PM last night, I was pulling my hair out. For some reason, the story was not going ANYWHERE. Oh, the words were coming, but the story itself, while the voice was there, and the setting (and usually that’s where I have trouble!), and the situation, nothing was really HAPPENING. And therefore, writing it was beginning to feel like pulling teeth. But I refused to give up. And finally I had a breakthrough. Not a big one, mind you, but one nonetheless.

So hopefully, now I can finish this draft today and let it sit for a couple days while I refresh. On Sunday I hope to resume work on it, not much, hopefully, just some fiddling around, until I feel like that particular draft is pretty well set. Then I will send it to a few people to read while i work on something else for about a week or so.

Spring is slowly springing around here, which means torrential downpours. Today is nice, but last I saw, we are supposed to just get pouring rain the rest of the week. Hopefully that was wrong…. I’m actually kind of glad spring isn’t here all the way yet because then the jerk who is currently parked ON my almond tree IN my garden would be parked on it in full bloom, and that really would not make me happy. And you know what the Incredible Hulk said about making him angry. It works the same for writers…


7 thoughts on “It’s that bad part….

  1. Nothing wrong with getting stuff off your plate to start something new. That's one of the other things I like about this challenge…it allows you to work on whatever you've got on deck, not worry about having to start something new if that isn't where you happen to be.

  2. Starting a challenge with a final draft is great! I am in the middle of last minute edits on mine, while working on another WIP. Can't wait to hear more about your story (sci-fi fan here!)

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