The Balancing Act

Spring cleaning has begun…. I cleaned the dining room yesterday, everything in it, from top to bottom. This is a bit more complicated than the average bear’s dining room. My dining room is very multi-purpose. It serves as, not only a dining room, but our music room (well, one of them…), our school room, and bunny bedroom for two of our rabbits. It is also where people generally gather when they come over. And it’s the first place you see when you enter the house. But I think I managed to get everything in order, a place for everything and everything in its place. It doesn’t look too bad, considering; how many people keep a full upright piano in their dining rooms? Not to mention the rabbits, when they aren’t running around.

Slowly, my short story is coming together. I have now officially changed its status. It is no longer a novelette. The problem with this one was originally, the idea was for a novel. But I realized how much more powerful it would be focused into a shorter form. And now, I realize, it would be better compacted even more, so the emotional impact will be greatest.

And of course, this is the time of year to be thinking about what we will be focusing on with my son next school year. We homeschool, for several reasons, and in our state, we have to submit an “education plan” of what we are going to cover for the year. So it’s time for me to consider my options for that. It gets easier in some ways every year, because I get more and more familiar with how my son learns best.

In less than a week, ROW 80 round two starts! So I have to get all the spring cleaning done before then!


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