Busy, busy, busy…

Phew. I am actually AHEAD of my goals for the week, can you believe it? I sent my fantasy short off for reviews on Monday, after working really hard to get it done. I have most of the edits in place already (after more hard work), and now, I think all that is remaining is to fiddle with the beginning and ending, to make sure that everything is what it should be. I really want a strong beginning on this one, my ghost is telling me it is very important. So I’ve already accomplished what I was planning on doing in the latter half of the week :).

So, goals re-visited (wow, I’ve never had to re-do goals because I was AHEAD of the game before!):

1) Really work at strengthening the beginning of the fantasy short. I’m hoping that by simply re-arranging some events, I can get there. I want to be done with this story by the weekend, and to have it out in the mail on Monday.

2) Start some hard work on my science fiction short. Goal length on this one is about 15,000 words. I need to (blah) outline a little to make sure that I know where things are going. Basically, I know how it starts, and more or less how it ends. I need to clarify how my characters are going to get there. I would love to be done with this phase of it by Sunday, so I can begin the serious writing of it by the start of next week.

3) Longer term goal: I’d like to finish a pretty good first draft of my science fiction story by April 10.

Good luck, everyone!


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