A Sunday Check-In

I am sending off a short story (literary), so wish it luck! I am in the midst of some heavy edits on another short (fantasy), and am hoping to submit it to my group next week (I was hoping Wednesday, but we shall see!) for their critiques. I want to submit that one to its destination by the end of the month.

I’ve “started” writing another short story (science fiction) (well, this one is a bit longer, it could be a novelette). This is actually an idea that I’ve had for some time, something that had frustrated me in novel form. So I took a step back and re-evaluated things, and I think it would be better in a shorter form. My goal for this one is to be done with a solid first draft by about the second week of April. And while I am writing that one, whenever I feel stuck, I have another short idea that I am going to work on.

I feel way more momentum at this time to work on short stories, so I am rolling with it. I will work on my novel in bouts where I feel blocked on the shorter projects. I always work best when I have multiple projects in different phases going on at once. So I could have a short story being written, another being edited, another being proofread, another being planned/outlined, etc. This way, if I feel blocked in one area, I can go work on another. I find I can be very productive in this way. When my creative mind needs a break, I can work with my analytical mind on editing, etc.

I now finally feel like my little hiatus from writing is OVER, and I am jumping in with both feet! One more goal for the week is to re-evaluate my schedule, and figure out how to use my time more wisely. I feel like I am wasting a lot of time, and things are falling behind; I need to balance the housework with the homeschooling with the writing! Phew!

Have a nice week, everyone!


2 thoughts on “A Sunday Check-In

  1. I like having something less creative alongside the creation – it's when research gets done and now editing – you sound like you are doing well as this round comes to an end I will have rethink schedule and timings for the next phase esp. now as spring in the garden needs me morekeep smilng

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