Wednesday. Why’d it have to be Wednesday?


Let’s see. Goals. I finished my revisions of a short story, and sent it off to my writing group. In turn, I received comments and will now sort through them, implement what I will, and then proceed to mail it off to its hopeful destination on either Saturday or Monday.

My ROW 80 goal: I *think* I’ve figured out the short story (it’s actually a bit longer than a short story) that I am going to work on. It’s not the story I had mentioned in my “Inspiration” post, that one needs to sit on the back burner and simmer for a while. No, this one is a science fiction idea I have had for a while. I have a bunch of it written, I just need to bash it into shape. I have a deadline of April 14th to have the first draft written and fairly polished. Then I shall send it out to a few readers for critiques. That runs a bit into the second round of ROW 80, but that’s OK. The main thing: the goal is realistic. If I tried to have it done for the end of this round, it would just never happen. I am also going to divide this goal up a bit further once i have a better idea of how much work there is ahead of me.

The depressing thing about this story is that I had most of it written last year. Then my hard drive on my computer died and it went bye-bye… along with a lot of other stuff. So now I have to re-create a lot, and there is always the dread that it won’t come out as good as it was the first time. But there is no sense in worry about that now.

Get that butt in the chair and write!


3 thoughts on “Wednesday. Why’d it have to be Wednesday?

  1. Fair play to you for recreating it. I've had some losses over the years and it's always made me step away from the story completely. I actually have a novel that's finished bar a chunk that my kids somehow actually deleted. It's been sitting on various hard drives for years with that empty space in the middle. I just can't face it. LOL.Best of luck with the goals, the main thing is you're working away on your story rather than feeling pressured to get it done too quickly.

  2. Oh that's awful, losing your story like that! Hope what you rewrite comes out even better.I have so many ideas on the back burner that I'm afraid if I let one slip through, I'll never get the current novel finished…

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