Ahhh, inspiration

Today, I woke up and it was warm enough to open the windows. It is in the 50s, which makes me EXTREMELY happy. So now the windows are open, and the inspiration is flowing once again.

The short story I said I was working on yesterday: I spent several days reworking it, tightening it, trying to figure things out. It is a story I enjoy, an idea I like, but it was consistently getting rejected. I couldn’t quite understand why, until last night. It hit me like a brick. The inner conflict just was not there. There was not a big decision the character had to make. It seemed like there was, but when I re-read it yesterday, I could see it was not emotional at all. I could not see how a reader could truly feel connected to the main character. She was flat and not developed well. I think I left things like that because I knew the idea was good, but could not for the life of me think of how to implement things to make it better, to help the characters out. As I said, though, last night a pretty darn good answer came to me, with conflict and tears and all that good stuff that make my stories what they are.

As far as my goals go, this might set me back a bit. I think that I might need the whole week to rework things, which is OK. Better than just rushing things and sending it out before it is ready (like I did last year… Since then, Realms of Fantasy has published two stories that have a similar theme, which made me feel like a schmuck for having this story hanging here not working. But maybe now it is functional).

Hope everyone is having a good day!


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