Spring Cleaning

Well, I know that Spring is not officially here yet, but cabin fever has really gotten hold of me, and I have ants in my pants, and all of those other cliches. Things to look out for in the upcoming weeks:

1) Blog makeover Yes, it’s that time. Look for some changes in colors and content. While I am enjoying the writing of my historical novel, I do realize that it is probably the only historical novel I am going to write. So I am going to shift the focus of this blog to my other genre of choice, fantasy. I will still update on my progress with my historical novel, but it won’t be the main focus.

2) Electronic short stories In the next few months, keep your eyes out for a couple of my short stories. I will make an announcement on here as soon as anything is available.

3) ROW 80 I’m still in it! I just have to rework my goals entirely. I had some real life junk going on, and fell off the track a bit. I’m going to finish round one, and then get ready to really roll in round two! Right now, my goal for the end of round one has changed to this: Get a certain short story finished and polished, and get that sucker out there.

My tasks for this week: Finish the draft of the story I am working on and submit it to my writing group for their critiques.

So, I’d better get to work!


5 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. well my goals have had to revised a bit – but they are our goals and life will insist on having a say – so it's fine.Next round I may be more realistic – but I doubt it!!! well done all of us for being hereare you sure you wont write another historical? – maybe you could combine it with the fantasy?

  2. I've had to rework mine a couple of times, too. Real life happens. No worries. This challenge is so flexible, which is great for when real life sidelines your writing.You're still in it, and that's what counts! 🙂

  3. Alberta–I've actually been thinking of looking at my historical in a different light… It would make an awesome fantasy novel. I'm not sure what I am going to do with it. But as for future historicals, who knows? It's a lot of fun to "travel back in time."ROW 80 is great. I don't feel so let down when things happen. As a homeschooling mom of a boy with some special needs, things definitely happen! Thanks for all the well wishes, and good luck with your own projects!

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