Yes, yes, I’m up!

I’m still here, I’m still alive…

Things have been a little crazy. I’ve been branching out a little, trying some new things, mostly relating to artwork. I’ve been re-working a short story that I wrote a few years ago, tightening it up a bit, getting it ready to go out into the wide world. I submitted a tiny piece to a contest. I’ve also come across a novel I wrote about 7 years ago that suddenly doesn’t seem too bad. I wrote it not ever planning on publishing it; it was a practice run. But as I read through it, I realize that although it definitely needs a ton of work, the story line and the themes are actually quite good. And it is not something that has been written/published to death. It seems to be a pretty fresh idea. So I’m pretty excited to be looking at it again. It has a beginning, middle, and end, but is only about two-thirds the length it needs to be. There are some scenes missing, and others that need to be completely re-thought.

My Roman novel stalled a bit. I am still enjoying the story, but I’m still not positive about the execution. Something about messing with historical characters so much makes me feel a little funky. I’m finding that historical fiction has a different flair to it than fantasy, and I’m not having that sense of wonder that I am used to in my other stories. I fear that I’m doing something wrong. Yes, people who read bits of the story enjoy it, they say they are “transported,” but I think the problem lies more with what I want them to feel. Magic. Sure, ancient Rome can be magical, and when I write it, I can definitely feel the magic. But I do like the sort of adventure writing and reading fantasy brings me. I think perhaps it might be because Spring is so TANTALIZINGLY near, I need some fresh air. I need to work on something a bit different for a little while, and then I’ll return to Rome. I seem to run in cycles like that. Which doesn’t work for some people, but it does for me, so I’ll just run with it.


One thought on “Yes, yes, I’m up!

  1. It's great that you're able to know when to take a step back instead of just plugging ahead for the wrong reasons! What kind of artwork?So ready for some nice…

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