A Snowy, Snowy Week

I think it has finally stopped snowing… Until Saturday that is!

I am continuing to make forward progress, which is good. It is not as much as I had hoped, but at least I am doing it. I have days where it seems like it is impossible to get a single word down, and then suddenly the next day I write almost 3000 words in one day. I’ve had to do a bunch of homeschooling planning because I couldn’t let that go anymore, so that took up some time. And for some reason, I’m just never very productive when my husband is home…

I think if I start typing up things that I have written longhand while he is home, and then work on new stuff when he is at work, then maybe I might make more progress. The only problem would be if scenes I have written out of order become obsolete by changes I make in the story when I write it linearly. But even if some things change in the story, it is just the first draft and I can fix them later or reuse them in other places. In this way, I think I can still stay on track with my goal of finishing my first draft. My mini goals might get messed up, getting certain parts done by a certain time, but we will see. I might be able to just catch up, no problem.

I’m excited to get this story written and done; I have so much else I want to write! I would like to take another look at some of my fantasy work I did years ago. The characters are still as alive to me now as they were back then… They still nag at me to finish their stories. I’ve also been interested in doing art work based on my fantasy stories. At first I had considered doing a graphic novel of sorts, but I’m not sure how that would work. I just have a few scenes very vividly portrayed in my mind, in full color.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has been commenting on my posts and emailing me! Your encouragement means a great deal to me!


2 thoughts on “A Snowy, Snowy Week

  1. Dropping in from Kait's row80. Your husband sounds like mine. I can't write while he's home because he's always interrupting with something or other. Glad you are making progress and good luck with the graphic novel idea.

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