This Wednesday’s Check-In

Still going strong with the ROW 80 goal, and I am looking forward to the change of pace that will come when I start my real first draft on Friday. I’ve had plenty of time to adjust to new writing hours, so hopefully things won’t be that difficult to adjust to. With more writing means less blogging time, however, and I find that I am really only able to give an update once a week, rather than twice!

Lots of snow and ice over the week, which means sleepless nights during which heavy snow and ice come crashing down from off my roof. It is so loud, it sounds like something horrible is happening. The good house news is that Husband drew up plans for the kitchen, the new locations of all appliances and sink and cabinets, and everything seems to fit so well… The kitchen will be a bit smaller (a previous owner thought it would be a good idea to build more kitchen outside the foundation of the house, so we have to fix that), but it will be so much more functional!

Trying to keep a new story idea in the BACK of my mind, where it belongs. A couple more months, and then I can write on it. But I can ONLY write on it if I finish my first draft of this current story. That is my motivation!


2 thoughts on “This Wednesday’s Check-In

  1. Good luck on the renovations and the writing!I don't know how you can that little nugget in the back of your head…I agree with C. Jot some notes down so you don't loose the gem.Have a great day!

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