ROW 80, goal post, part two (more specifics)

So, in the last post I covered the general parts of my goal, the big pictures. Here I will post the intervals, the stops along the way, the smaller goals that will get me to the bigger goal.

1) Write for two hours a day (at least). I’m not going to have a word goal here, because while I have a rough goal of 1,000 words a day, I do a lot of my writing in longhand, in composition books. So it’s hard to get word counts without wasting valuable time!

2) Days 1-20 will be used for getting down story ideas, putting things together, really getting the character motivations down, making sure I REALLY know what this story is about and that everything is pointing to that end. (I will be writing scenes throughout this time, as well, but more random, not in a linear way)

3) The next three weeks will be spent writing the first act.

4) Four weeks will be spent writing act two.

5) There will be a bit more than a week to write act three.

6) Party.

Since my novel is historical, there is obviously a lot of research involved. I’ve done a lot of it already, but of course there are some minutae of daily life, etc., that I want to be sure to get right. What I”m going to do is for this draft, get the story down, make notes wherever there are things I need to check out or look into further, and then do that research when the draft is done.


One thought on “ROW 80, goal post, part two (more specifics)

  1. So, you'll be plotting during days 1-20. Do you have a whiteboard? You could use it to keep track of your timeline. 🙂 Do you remember that handout we received at one of the writing conferences about plotting? I think it had dates either on the top or left side and then the plot points filled into little boxes so you could see the progression of the story. Since you're writing historical, that could be helpful. It sounds like excellent planning to me. I'm excited to see how things progress through the first round. You can rock two hours a day! I've decided to work with the Alan Watt book. I often feel like I have ideas and characters that I'm trying to stuff into a story that just isn't right for them. I like Watt's approach of giving yourself permission to write free flow.. stream-of-consciousness style. I also like that you do exercises for 30 days before you even start working on your first draft. What I've written so far for my paranormal story I've gone over three times and have changed things three times and am still not happy with the plot. I'm hoping 30 days of exercises using these characters/story will fix that. I'm excited about ROW80! GOOD LUCK!And we're off….

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