Go buy this magazine!!!

Congratulations to friend Fay Brawner, whose story, “Stardom” appears in the Winter 2010 issue (Volume 12, Issue 4) of The First Line literary journal (click on the link and it will being you to the right place). Fay’s story is the first in the magazine, on page 5. The First Line is a different literary journal–they supply you, as the title suggests, with a first line. It is your job to use the first line in a personal and unique way, to write a great story stemming from that line. The issue is only $3.50 for a print copy, and $2.00 for a PDF. That’s less than the price of one of those fancy caffeinated beverages with all that junk in it that will make you fat! And, if you like Fay’s story, be sure to email them (info@thefirstline.com) and let them know! If anyone has any personal remarks for Fay about her story, you can email me at writing.madleigh@gmail.com and I will be sure she receives your comments!


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