Every once in a while…

…I come across a book that makes me very, very happy, because I feel like someone UNDERSTANDS. Today’s book is called Refuse to Choose!: Use All Your Interests, Passions, and Hobbies to Create the Life and Career of Your Dreams, by Barbara Sher. It shows a way for someone like me who is truly interested in almost everything to be able to not feel overwhelmed and unfocused. She calls people like me Scanners. People who are drawn to so many things, they can’t just choose one to focus on. I know that I have gone through life constantly nagging at myself and down on myself because I want to go in so many directions at once. I feel this constant guilt about not picking ONE THING and staying with it the entire time. But, according to Barbara Sher, I don’t HAVE to. Its OK because my brain is just wired that way, and it’s time to stop beating myself up over it and just accept who I am. And then she goes on to say HOW.

The sun is teasing today, popping out for a few minutes in between the huge dark rainclouds. I need to finish winterizing outside, which also means rescuing the various plastic insects and farm animals my son has out there. And Friday, the cement dude comes to give us an estimate on our stairs! Yay! Next is Old Hickory, before he falls on our roof, and the roof. Ugh, the roof…

Finally figured a way out of my stuck place in Melitta, my Cicero story. Now I just have to research some yummy desserts or fancy things they ate or drank in Ancient Rome where someone could “accidentally” slip some ink. Ho-ho…


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