I’m here, I’m alive, really.

A little worse for the wear, but I’m here.

I’ve gone through some massive family hurdles in the past year, personal things that I am not going to get into here very much. But, as they say, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. I’m trying to be stronger!

I did get a bit of writing done during this hubbub, but not much. I’m desperate to return to life as normal, whatever that is. I did register for the 2011 NECRWA conference in Salem MA. Hopefully it will help to get the spirits up (literally…it is at the Hawthorne Hotel, and everyone knows that place is HAUNTED!).

It may sound crazy, but maybe the loss I’ve suffered and the roller coaster of a year I’ve had will give me the experience I need to be a better writer. Now if only I can beat this resistance that is piling up against me…

PS-And I am still considering changing my name. I mean, some of the search hits are GROSS! Maybe I just need ot become way more famous than the you-know-what girl?


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