How insane is this?

It’s been a whole YEAR?!?!??!

Yes, it has been a whole year since my adventures with adoption began, and my writing life died off a bit. But I am trying to get back in the swing of things again! I’m not even sure what to report… I have been so busy for the past couple years that my writing life was crippled. I started just writing desperately in any spare second, and went from this story to that, and really didn’t accomplish much. I felt a bit lost as far as who I was as a writer, WHAT I wrote, and I gave myself writers block (AKA resistance, anyone?) trying to answer those questions.

Then, a 13 year old boy who needed some help popped into my life. WOW. My life changed completely, topsy turvy. The word exhaustion took on a whole new meaning! And everything took on a whole new priority. Writing dropped way down on the list, as did most other things that had to do with me myself and I. But….

I did come to realize that I DO need things for me. If I can’t sit down every once in a while and have some me time, I would go insane! And that would not be help to anyone. SO here I am again.



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