I’ve been cleaning up limbs and brush from the ice storm. Again.

The first time, we cleaned it up into a pile in the yard, waiting for the city to decide when they were going to pick up the stuff (they had announced they would).  Well…. we waited…. and waited… Then they announced, “OK, we’re going to start picking it up, but not from private roads.”  
Guess what I live on.
So I did the American thing.  I brought the brush down the road and put it onto the public street.  And I ONLY put storm debris down there, unlike some people who think it’s OK to put Christmas trees and grass clippings and WEEDS there for the city to collect.  Idiots.
I got about two pages written on my short story today.  Hit a couple of snags, but I’m blaming it on self doubt.
Oh and here’s a call out to Vern Roberts: I hope you feel better soon.

One thought on “Tiiiired

  1. Howz the quitting coffee thing going?Tx for the shout-out. It seems to have worked even tho he never saw it. OMG I seem to be typing in Blackberry speak!!! I caught myself doing that while I was typing an email the other day. Help me! I'm scared.

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