Oh, I’m writing!

Yes!!!!  I’m writing a short story AND a novel.  I am psyched.  The short is a really old one that I found in a folder on my computer from like, two computers ago.  I submitted it until it was dead, getting wonderful rejection letter from many editors who loved it but couldn’t publish it. At the time–and this was like five years ago–I was scratching my head.  If they loved it, why couldn’t they freaking publish it?  I put it away and haven’t read it in years.  TOday I got an idea.  I printed the sucker out, and…. OMG.  Did I actually WRITE this?  I actually wrote this BADLY and sent it out thinking it could be PUBLISHED????  Yeah.  See, the editors loved it because it was a good story.  But the actual writing of the thing… ugh.  What a horrible way to execute that story.  The poor thing.  So anyway, I’m completely rewriting it from start to finish.  I’m hoping to have a good draft done by mid-month, and then have a final draft done by mid-July.  Then I’m sending it out…

My other project is a big one.  A multiple book series idea is really growing on me.  I have been writing that too.  One day at a time.  
The coffee quitting is going OK.  Cheated a little today because we had a free mocha at Borders.  But I’ve only been drinking coffee in the mornings now (other than said mocha), and it’s been ok.  The next step is going from two cups in the AM to one.

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