Agony agony agony….

I feel like I’m about to turn into Dr. Manhattan…  See, I am trying to get off the coffee.  I drink way too much, and the physical manifestations are starting to annoy me (I have a weird heartbeat thing, and obviously, any stimulants make it worse).  So now I am seriously cutting back (and maybe… MAYBE cut it all together, but at this point, heh, yeah. Right.), and ruing the day.  I mean, I slept like a rock last night, but woke up with my head feeling like it wants to suck itself inside out.  I think it may go nuclear soon.  OR perhaps it will become a black hole and just suck everything into it. Instead of a person, I’ll just be a gravity well.

And of course, two gulps of Sumatran delight later, I feel human again.  *DING*
Writing: Well… With everything going on, the adoption, some other stressors (You KNOW who you are, even though you may not read this, or know who I am… My wrath is such that you will sense it in your sleep… you will be haunted….), etc, my writing life has been thrown for a loop.  So I decided not to stress it at all.  This is a transitional time for me.  Of course things are going to be weird.  
Then I got this idea…
A 5-7 book idea.  I’m not the 5-7 book sort of girl.  The thought of something that big kind of scares me.  I mean, talk about a sagging middle… You think trying to keep the middle of something 100,000 words long interesting is..if not difficult, at least WORK, think of working with something freaking 700,000 words long! CRAZY.  And it’s fantasy, of course, which has always been my favorite genre.  And I already have a lot of work done on it, because it sort of incorporates a lot of other stuff I had worked on in the past.  I’m actually really excited about it.  Need to think of a working title though.

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