Writing like Tetris

I feel like I’m playing that game Tetris, moving pieces around form story to story, seeing where they fit.  My young adult novel is becoming a science fiction novel.  Suddenly, two of my novels just seemed to fit together in a strange, uncanny sort of way.

My husband and I were excited for about fifteen minutes, as we started to plan a trip to WorldCon in Montreal this summer.  Then we realized that my mom has plans that can’t be changed for that weekend, and can’t watch the Chief.  There’s no way we can really bring him; he would go crazy.  They childcare there, but it’s pretty expensive, and plus, I would be having nightmares the whole time (he has a peanut allergy, the deadly sort where he has a reaction if you touch him after you touched a peanut even if you washed your hands).  So no, I don’t think it’s going to happen.  Even though Neil Gaiman is going to be there and…. I JUST REALLY WANTED TO GO!!  Such is life, though.  “You pays yer money, you makes yer choice,” as Humphrey Bogart says in African Queen.  We’ll just have to think of another fun vacation opportunity that all of us can do.  Without Neil.  I could invite him, but I think he’s kinda busy.
Second MAPP class (about adoption) tomorrow.  At some point there is going to be role playing.  I can’t wait…  I can do a pretty good six year old ;).

One thought on “Writing like Tetris

  1. The awesome nobility of motherhood! No Neil? That is sad. On the other hand, maybe you will be rewarded by the writing goddess and get to meet him in another way. Maybe even better! Why not send him an invitation to your next birthday party, just to see what happens?

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