Catching up, finally!

So my blog has finally gotten its well deserved make-over.  I’ve had so much going on lately that I’m lucky I can post at all!  Plus new story ideas and having to go over old stories to submit.  We are reaching the end of a lot of literary journals’ reading periods, so I’d better get cracking.  I have one short story sitting on my desk, finished, just waiting for revision.  

We are getting a lot of yard work done.  The grass that husband planted a couple weeks ago is coming in, and it looks GREAT.  Much better than the old mud pit we had on the side of the house.  If only there was some sort of magic spell that could make concrete and glass disappear, we would be all set!
And the news….  I had mentioned that husband and I were doing something.  Well, we have applied to adopt a child, a boy.  My son has been asking for a brother for a while now, and we have always wanted more kids.  So, there you go!  We are taking classes about how to parent a child who has not had a great life until now, and how to deal with whatever issues he might have.  We had a home safety check a couple years ago, which seemed to go great until Little Chief threw a fit when the social worker had to go home!  Ah, well, c’est l’enfant for you.  I’m sure a social worker knows how kids are, but still, I was a bit embarrassed!  “Yeah, we’ll let you have another one…”

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