Hello, Spring!

It’s been rainy the past couple days, but I don’t mind it–it’s WARM!  Well, warmish.  This weekend is supposed to be very warm, around 80 degrees.  Hurray! I’m not a big fan of HOT weather, but the cold, damp weather really stinks.  My son and I like to be outside in the sun!  There’s nothing like a gentle breeze, soft sunshine, and the smell of roses to get me in the writing mood.  Until a stray soccer ball whacks me in the head, that is!  Ah, well.  Much better than being stuck inside.

The novel is going fairly well.  I’m taking a pretty zen approach to my writing these days.  My writing just is.  I’m not making big projections about when I will be done, I’m not setting huge goals.  I feel happy with the way things are going.  It’s slow, but there is more to life than writing. For me, at least.  I know some authors just don’t work that way.  They need a strict rigid schedule, and have to do things a certain way.  Well, I do things in my own way, it’s true; I sit on the couch at night with my computer on my lapdesk and type while my husband does whatever he does; usually something music related.  
The publication of “Blood and Ashes” has had its glow… Now it’s time to get something else out there.  I have a short story that is close to done, I just have to finish polishing it up.
My husband and I made an important decision the other day.  It’s something we’ve been thinking about doing for over TEN YEARS.  But we’ve been petrified to take the first step.  I’ll let you know more details as they emerge.
Until later…

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