Basking in the post-conference glow

Things are finally coming together in novel-land.  I’ve finally made a few important decisions that have been holding up the entire project.  Unfortunately, the path I’m taking requires that I get rid of one of my favorite scenes in the book.  I mean, I guess I can use it in a subsequent book, but man, I just loved my hero in that scene.  Ah, well, life.

The weather is getting better (meaning, warmer!).  Things are growing.  I’m slowly emerging from my hibernation cave.  Hopefully I’ll be sending a short story off on its merry way tomorrow.

One thought on “Basking in the post-conference glow

  1. I’m so over winter, too!! The scene you mention reminds me of one of the workshops we took, I can’t remember if it was J.R. Ward or Lisa Scottoline… Anyway, the person said there will be scenes you will have to cut even though it kills you to do it and you should take that scene/possible whole chapter and put it in a drawer with all your other darlings. You can always use it as a starting point for another book or even for a short story… a side short story the way Charlaine Harris and other authors have done. Authors with huge series have little short stories about their series characters in anthologies.

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