We survived the ice storm, even though we were in one of the worst hit areas.  The night of the storm was the scariest of my life, and I have no wish of repeating it–EVER!  There were trees crashing everywhere, and all I could think about was one of them coming through the roof.  Our telephone pole snapped, along with all the rest on my end of the street.  A couple houses within sight of ours ended up with trees on them, and there is a huge mess to clean up.  The tree at the end of the road which Theodore Roosevelt planted at the beginning of the 1900s was smashed to smithereens.  So were many other trees (I don’t think there is a single undamaged tree), but this one was a huge oak, and it saddens me that it will probably have to be taken down.  We were without power from the night of the 11th through the night of the 16th.  Thousands of people still don’t have power, and believe me, it is COLD out there.  Inside our house got down to 42 degrees.  We got a small generator so we could plug in a couple oil filled space heaters, so we had two warm rooms.  I really feel bad for those who were not able to even do that.  

Not much writing got done in the dark and cold, but now that we have power, I’m trying to catch up a bit.  Working on a secret project, which will hopefully be done in a couple months so I can come clean with it!  I’ll call it “AVC” for now.

3 thoughts on “Surviving

  1. I’m sooo bummed about Teddy’s tree :(Cheers to backup generators! A tasty little tidbit: AVC. Hmmm…Weird. I can’t seem to connect any thoughts tonight. I think my brain is numb from 2 hours of listening to my daughter and her friend singing along to Disney Sing-it. If I hear another High School Musical song – GRRR!

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