Rabbits, rabbits, everywhere…

Wow, so much has been going on.  

Plotting, plotting, researching, reading, translating.  I’m even writing a little of the actual story.  But I am getting some work done, which is great.  My story feels like clay in my hands, and I am molding it into the form I want.  
On Sunday, I went to Petco for a regular old food and litter run for the bunnies and guinea pigs.  Well… There was this poor bunny there, dirty, dusty, and smelly, and being tortured by a small unsupervised child.  It’s cage was dirty and disgusting.  I looked at my husband, and he went right over to the store person and asked what was up with it.  Turns out, someone dumped the bunny there with no note, no info, nothing.  So guess what.  We now have a new rabbit.  I think she is a girl, and am hoping that in a couple weeks we won’t be having a litter of little baby bunnies.  It won’t be so bad if we do, but it would be much more convenient if we don’t.  So she has a vet appointment on Tuesday.  Last Saturday we had to go for one of the other buns, who had a bout of Pasteurella.  He had to be on antibiotics all week, but he handled it like a trooper.  I’ve never had ANY animal take medicine so easily, never mind a rabbit!  Hopefully we won’t have any more health problems for a while!
I was sooo angry about the fact that people think they can just dump their pets anywhere.  There are plenty of places to bring your pets if you can’t take care of them any more.  I’m sorry if you feel guilty about dumping an animal, but you SHOULD feel guilty.  You took on a responsibility when you took it in.  The least you could do if you can’t take care of it any more, is provide the new owners with some information about it.  ANY information.  The people at the pet store did not even know the poor rabbit’s sex, the previous owners just dumped the cage and ran off.
I would like to thank Petco in Auburn, MA for the great job they do with the adoptions.  Not only was the rabbit free, but they gave me $20 of pet supplies for free, plus a coupon book with $40 worth of coupons in it.  It certainly makes it easier on the new families, and it was welcome news, especially when I was so upset at seeing the poor bunny in such a state.  And I would also like to thank Pam Bolton of Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue in RI, where I adopted two of my other buns, for answering all my questions and offering her very sage advice.  The woman is like a Rabbit saint!

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