Sorry about the long absence (again….).  Things have been their usual whacko selves.  

The NJRWA conference was AWESOME!!  My friend Jen and I had so much fun there, the people were great and friendly.  We met some new people. I had my picture taken with J.R. Ward (I told her that she is my new hero.  She seems to work in a similar way that I do, and it’s working for her! So that means it should work for me, too, right?).  I learned so much, and was reminded of more things that I knew, but just had to hear again.  It was very energizing.
It’s getting cold.  Freezing.  Which I would mind so much, but it makes my fingers very stiff, and it’s hard to type with stiff fingers!
Still working very hard on Mea Tullia.  I’m trying to find a good balance between researching, writing, and planning.  My goal for the end of the month is to have all the major scenes sketched out in narrative, and hopefully a lot of the in between scenes as well.  By the end of this month I should definitely know everything that is going to happen in the novel, and when/where in the novel it will take place.
I fixed up and sent out FIVE short stories over the weekend.  I have one more that needs to have an overhaul, and then maybe I’ll find that one a home too…

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