The Mad Efficiency Expert

Fellow writer Janelle Dakota just informed me she wrote 5,000 words yesterday.  You know how many I wrote?  600! (Now imagine me doing that Daffy Duck bouncy thing where he laughs hoowahoowahoo!).  Yeah, I haven’t been as productive in my writing as I could be.  But things are getting better.  The reason I haven’t been spitting the words out (though they are there, trust me… I go into the Mad-Zone sitting on the couch, imagining my characters in all sorts of situations) is that I am getting things into shape.  I have redone my desk and my whole work area in order to work more effectively with my current state of mind.  My methods of work have changed over the past many years, and I have finally gotten my “office” up to date!   Among my purchases: an easel, a big pad, and Sharpie markers in various colors.  I am the type of person who works BIG.  You know those people who plot on index cards?  I can’t do that.  Even a regular sheet of paper doesn’t do it for me.  I need a BIG paper where I can see everything at once and I don’t have to worry about running out of space.  I have to see everything.  I’m a big picture sort of girl ;).

Mea Tullia is going well.  I had issues with the timeline, and where exactly the beginning of the story should be.  I have these great scenes written from when my main character first comes into Cicero’s household.  Then, I had the feeling that I should begin the story at a certain point, where the more emotional story begins, when my character is about 30 or so.  How then, should I expose the backstory, the growth of the emotions over the years, the development of my MC’s bond and faithfulness to her family?  I have decided that the answer does not matter at this point.  I need to just write all my scenes out, whichever ones I feel are necessary.  Then, when all is said and done, I will arrange things in the right way.  This brings me peace of mind.  Stress about decisions like this give me writers’ block.  So the best thing to do is just NOT make the decision yet.  All of these scenes are important to write whether they appear in the final novel or not.
I’m getting ready for the NJRWA conference, which is from Oct. 24-25!!  Even though I am not a romance writer, I highly recommend the RWA conferences to anyone, writing in any genre.  They are great experiences, wonderful for networking and meeting with friends, and I learn a lot from all of them.  They are great fun.  And guys go too, so any of you gentlemen folk, never fear!  you will find another of your kind ;).  And we ladies are not so scary (well, most of us, anyway…).  I’ll be attending this conference with my friend Viansa Blake of New York.  Hopefully there will be nothing fuzzy involved in this trip… (so far, we have had a bottle of fuzzy wine, and a fuzzy pop-tart on the hotel room window sill… on every trip we’ve been together there has been a fungus among us).

2 thoughts on “The Mad Efficiency Expert

  1. Oh, I wish I could be there in NJ with you two!!!There’s something to be said for writing it out. Even if they aren’t included in the final version of the story, everything you write on this new story has value. The scenes I’ve been editing out have all been building blocks: if I hadn’t written them, I wouldn’t have gotten to the story the way it is.Big, huh? So I guess you’d laugh at my 5×7 cards? The 3×5 are too small for my chapter summaries….

  2. Yeah; I’ve used 3×5, 5×7… it’s not even just that the space on the card won’t allow me to write all the info I need on it, I just can’t write large enough on them. There’s some sort of psychological thing behind it, too. Something about writing on a white board or big pad just makes my brain loosen up.

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