Back, Novel, Back!

Darn novels with minds of their owns.  I just need to accept that I work best with multiple projects at once.  Mea Tullia wouldn’t go back to sleep, so I gave in and gave it some attention.  I’ve realized that maybe I have to start that story way later than I had planned to.  I had originally begun when my character is a child.  But now I’m thinking that I will start her story after a great tragedy has happened, at a point where she has to reinvent herself and her life. The important points that happened before this I can always handle through my character reminiscing about things.

One thing that stalled Virtus was my lack of research materials.  I’m waiting for a book about Caligula to arrive, and until it does, I’m a little stuck with a few things.  But it’s OK, because when I get back to it it will seem fresher.
I’m reading two books (well, three if you count Phaedrus), Cicero by Anthony Everitt, which I had skimmed before, and Discovering the Roman Family by Keith R. Bradley.  Both are excellent, thorough books.  
I’m thinking about putting off my Historical Novel Society conference experience until 2010.  I’d really like to go, and especially see Margaret George, but I think it’s just plain too expensive for me this year.  I can save up this year and concentrate on my writing for now, and then maybe have something to pitch in 2010.

2 thoughts on “Back, Novel, Back!

  1. You are waiting for Caligula? The mad “little boots” Caesar? Wow. He just made an appearance in the book I was reading, “Pilate’s Wife” by Antoinette May. A book I enjoyed very much, by the way.Chura

  2. LOL hopefully Caligula won’t make a personal appearance. I have enough madness around here; but yes, I was waiting for “Caligula: Corruption of Power” to arrive from the paperback swap. got it, as good as new. “Little Boots.” Can you imagine the emperor of Rome going around with the name “Little Boots”? I just put “Pilate’s Wife” on my wishlist, sounds good. Hopefully it won’t get lost on there, my wishlist is getting rather crazy!

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