Nine days, a tropical storm, and two guinea pigs later…

So I am now the proud mother to two guinea pigs.  They are two years old, and were given up by a family who couldn’t really give them all the attention they deserved.  So here we are, the current pet population of my house numbering 5.  And one son.  

Now that I have a basic school schedule done, and I have worked with it for a week, it’s time to get my butt in gear and set up a writing schedule again.  Especially since winter is coming (trust me, it is… it’s getting darker every day), I need to keep my productivity up so I can prevent my usual winter’s writer’s block.  I get horrible SAD during the short daylight hours.  But I’m thinking that if I go into it gung ho this year, maybe it won’t be quite so bad.  Maybe I can pretend it’s not winter, and that I accidentally left the AC on too high (that’s why it is so cold, see?).  
I’m making progress on Virtus, though every now and then Mea Tullia pops its head up and says, “Look at me, I’m the better story!”  I just smack it back down and tell it to wait until I’m done with Virtus.
I’m getting ready for the NJRWA conference next month.  So far the plan is to take the train down on Friday and then back up on Sunday.  Two nights of fun.  This will be the last conference of the year for me.  Next year so far the plan is for two conferences, the NECRWA conference (I don’t really write romance, but it’s a fun conference, especially with my friends Janelle and Jen there!) and then the Historical Novel  Society’s conference, though that one might be rough on the pocketbook because I have to get a plane.  Which also stinks because then I will be deaf the entire time I’m there, but there it is.  Perhaps it is possible to get a train to Chicago and then get a bus to Schaumberg.  Not sure.

2 thoughts on “Nine days, a tropical storm, and two guinea pigs later…

  1. Woot! Stop right where you are and wait for me to catch up! What’s Mea Tullia? Okay, back to what you were doing.SAD affects my husband, too. The doctor suggested getting one of those floor lamps – the tall ones that point to the ceiling – and having it come on at 6 am. I tend to be more productive during the fall and winter. All those long, dark hours give me plenty of time to bury myself in my stories. I’m so excited for you! You’re going to the NJRWA?? I’ll be partying with the GSRWA at about the same time. Sigh. I know there’s a really good reason why we live on opposite sides of the country, but right now, it seems to me like Fate is being very cruel. I miss you!!!!

  2. Mea Tullia is my Cicero novel.In the winter, I feel like I am dead. I want nothing more than to hibernate.I know–hey I had a dream about you the other night. You were just flying on over so we could watch something in the theater in Boston. I think it was some production form my imagination, can’t remember what it was. Anyway, Boston was completely different, it was weird. It was like the entire city consisted of an indoor mall. And it was all dark except for some blue lights, and we got lost….My husband had to come rescue us. But I think it was fun; it wasn’t a nightmare, at any rate.You get to see Julia Quinn! I’m so jealous. I get Eloisa James and Jessica Anderson, among many others. This is going to be a big conference, bigger than NECRWA I think. The hotel is full and has overflowed into the Hilton down the street.

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