Et tu?

I found this while doing some research and thought it was both cool and relevant.

Arrrgggghhhhhh…… I hate when I am very very excited about a project, and then I read a description of a book that has elements very similar to my idea.  I mean, it’s very different as far as the story being told.  The novel I saw is a “male” book, the one I am writing is “female.”  Mine is an emotional story, the other is more an account of events, intrigue, politics.  But it makes me a bit sad.  It’s just similar enough… At least, it SOUNDS similar.  I’ve not yet read it, and I’m not sure if I should.    Perhaps I should just ignore it.  Maybe if I do, it will just go away…

One thought on “Et tu?

  1. Ignore it! While it’s good to know the market you’re writing in, it is not good to dwell on other stories that are similar in any way. This is like the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon: you could find a connection to any novel in your genre. Just write the story that’s in your heart.

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