In a titleless state…

OK, so spell check tells me that titleless is not a word.  I don’t think it is merely spelled wrong, because the only other spelling  can think of means something COMPLETELY different.

Yes, once again, I am needing a title.  I can’t stand the ones I’ve thought of thus far.  I have “You and Me and the Geezer Makes Three” “Dirty Laundry” “Always the Wrong Half” “The Dark Side” “Dante’s Shadow” (which sounds cool, but sounds too literary for what it is… I could use, “My Brother’s Shadow” or “Hiding in my Brother’s Shadow”).  Sigh.  And of course, it really doesn’t matter.  I mean, really.  The publisher’s just going to change it anyway.
I would like to send my condolences to my friend Janelle, whose mother passed away today.  You are in my thoughts and prayers and sleepy meditations.

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