La dee da dee

“We likes to party, We don’t cause trouble, we don’t bother nobody…”

OK, I have NO idea why that popped into my head when I was about to write a blog entry… That’s OK.  People know I’m not normal.
Wow, life has been in a flurry lately.  Getting tons of work done on the house and yard, and spending very little money doing it, which is always good.  I’ve been weaning myself off coffee.  I’m down to one full cup a day (meaning more like 16 oz., not the 8 oz. sort; my mugs are big ;)).  It’s going much MUCH better than it did last time, when I went off cold turkey.  Then, man, I felt like… well, an addict coming off my drug!  It was horrible, I was sick.  I had to get back on to it so I could feel good again.  But now, going off slowly, I feel so much better.  Of course, it’s easier to come off coffee in the summer, because there is less of that “comfort factor.”  In the cold, dark winter, a nice cup of coffee can just feel so good.  I’ve never been a huge hot tea person, so that just wasn’t a great option.  But I love iced tea.  
Getting work done, and I have a schedule, and I’m sticking to it, which is a strange novelty.   Things are getting into shape.  Except for critiques I owe two people, which I apologize for PROFUSELY.  
Time to get ready to run errands.  Yay…

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