Busy Little Bee

I had a fantastic time at the CTRWA conference.  It was different from the NECRWA conference in that it was smaller and more intimate.  I met a few great people there, and I found the workshops to be very helpful and informative.  I learned something from all of them.  Everyone was so friendly, too!

This conference has helped me to make some decisions about things that have been plaguing me for some time now.  Basically, it has to do with me maturing as both a writer and a person in general.  My passions are basically the same as they were years ago, but the way they manifest is different.  So I’m working with this, trying to get things figured out.

2 thoughts on “Busy Little Bee

  1. I just want to go on record as saying maturing as a person doesn’t mean you have to give up all those funny little quirks of yours, like blowing kisses at people and opening doors you have no business opening. Maturing as a writer, I think, is something all writers ought to be open to every time they sit down to write. We can’t help but grow and learn if we allow it to happen. Otherwise we’d just become stagnant and keep cranking out the same stuff, every time. There’s no fun in that, just like there’s no fun in a moldy bottle of wine.

  2. Oh, like I would ever give up that stuff!! I just meant that my writing style has changed. No, I still like to look in shacks that say, “Danger, Explosives” and “Flammable, stay out!”

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