Guilt post

Well…. I’ve certainly been busy, and some of it had to do with writing.  We are having a party for my son and my nephew at our house this weekend, so lots of planning had to be done for that.  I’ve been doing tons of yard work, and things are so close to being the way I want them to be.

On the writing front: I’m entering a contest with  one of my short stories.  I’m making headway with my fantasy novel, and I have an idea I’m working on for a NEW story.  A new old story, one of those ideas that I had as a teenager that, what do you know, turns out to have some promise.  This one is a historical novel, in the time of WWI or so.
Tomorrow I’m having my hair cut again, to my “normal” shortness.  I liked the cut i got before, but I’m tired of it. I  like my short short hair.  I’ll post a new head-shot when I get it.

2 thoughts on “Guilt post

  1. I had typed a comment for you on this post on Saturday at about 3:10 in the afternoon. It said something like, “A new/old story and a new/old hairstyle” but then that whole thing with my dad happened and I don’t remember what happened to the comment.There’s irony there, I’m sure, but I can’t put my finger on it.

  2. Oops. Hit publish too soon. I wanted to tell you that in the grand scheme of things you really don’t need to feel guilty for being busy in life 🙂 You will always have your writing. Savor your writing moments. But you will also always have other people in your life (one hopes) and you want to cherish them, too 🙂

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