Catch up

Took a mini vacation from here, didn’t I….

Making progress, slowly working through the quagmire.  That goes for all areas of my life.  
Writing: I am fixing up the first quarter of the as of yet untitled novel to send to my writing group for critique, which I will not look at until I am done with draft one (right now, I have a pretty complete draft zero, which captures the gist of the story but really stinks as far as logistics. It’s the draft that I just dumped onto paper when I had the idea).  I’m aiming to have draft one complete by the end of July.
Yard/house: Took down the fence that is between out yard and the wooded area beyond.  It’s so much more pleasant to be able to see nature.  But guess what we found! More concrete and glass.  Insane glass, huge pieces of it.  This does not make me happy.  I have a friend who almost had her leg cut off by a broken aquarium in a neighbor’s yard.  She has horrible scars because of it.  Being the mother of a young one, it angers me to no end that people can be that irresponsible.
School: I home school my son for a multitude of reasons.  I need to apply to the school for approval for next year.  So I’ve been scrambling trying to get a basic idea of what I’m doing.
There are a bunch of other things, mundane, day to day things that build up but have no notable interest-rousing aspects.  I sent a story out, though, and hopefully soon will find out its fate.
My rabbit Cricket is doing that thing you do when you are falling asleep and your head falls forward.  His eyes are open, his pupils are tiny, and his head keeps dropping forward until his nose almost hits the floor.

3 thoughts on “Catch up

  1. I feel very much like Cricket today which is why I haven’t accomplished anything significant and the day is getting away from me. I knew there was a reason I liked that bunny. He and I have so much in common.There are laws against burying trash. Despicable. I fear for what you will find next. ‘Tis that time of year for we homeschoolers. I find preparations for the coming year exciting and full of possiblities. But yes, filling out required paperwork does take the zing out of it 🙂

  2. Guess what we found next? Re-bar, in a huge hunk of concrete, buried in the hill. I love doing the planning part of HSing, but man, when I have to fill out the application, they want to know some specific things. I’ll have to use my imagination… Like, science resources. Um, it’s 1st grade. So we’ll be outside, studying animals and plants and birds first hand. Yes, I realize birds are animals. anyway. Math.. Can I just put “real life applications?”

  3. “Observation of life cycles of various species in local habitat including recognition of species through interactive, on-site experiences. Use of oral reporting as indication of comprehension in observation.”LOL a bit ridiculous, but it’s kinda fun! How about this from a first grade scope and sequence I just found? There are so many online resources for you to use.”Distinguish between living and nonliving things. Know that living things need food, water, space, and shelter to survive. Describe plants and animals that live in an ocean habitat, and group them as plant or animal.”It’s almost fun to figure out ways to fill out that application!

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