And now….. the Climax!

I’m at a point where every time I solve one plot issue, another comes up, quite often as a result of my fixing the last problem.  It’s quite comical, really.  At one point the other day, I removed one element and the entire story fell apart.  LOL.  Guess that part was important!

I’m working on my climax now.  What I am trying to do is this: take the climax I had planned on using, put it aside, and think “OK, so I have that.  What else can I do?”  I try to flip the thing upside down, shake it around a little, do some role reversal.  I do this because generally the first thing that comes to mind might be a good idea, but it came too easily.  I don’t trust things that are too easy.  Usually it means that the same idea has come just as easily to other people.  Or, the idea will come as easily to the readers, and what fun would it be to read a book where everything that happens is just the thing that logically comes next?
And I am still searching for a working title…

2 thoughts on “And now….. the Climax!

  1. You never have been one to do the obvious thing so long as I’ve known you. I have every confidence that you will, in fact, surprise and delight your readers.I thought this one had a working title of “The Apothecary”?

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