Rain, rain, go away

Had a pretty productive day today, despite (or perhaps because of?) the rain.  I wrote about six pages.  Right now I’m working on the ending scene, rewriting it in order to form the frame for my second draft, which is really my first “full” draft.  The rough draft was so very very rough that it can hardly be considered a true draft.  Hopefully I will finish the end scene by tomorrow, so I can get to work on some other things.  Like comments I promised for a friend on his story…


2 thoughts on “Rain, rain, go away

  1. Well, I already have a very very minimalist rough draft of this story done, and so now I’m working on a real first draft. I’m doing a framework approach, which has always worked the best for me. So basically, I have a good 1st draft of the first quarter done, and I have the midpoint almost written, and now the ending is almost done. Then I will fill in the climax scene, and other big scenes, and then I will fill in the holes that remain. THEN I get to look at all the plotlines, make sure everything and everyone is represented, make sure there are no holes, fill everything in. THEN, I get typing.

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