Just got done with one of the scenes that encases my midpoint of The Novel.  I really have to think of a title for this thing.  Janelle, any ideas? LOL.

I love nights like tonight, when the writing comes so easily.  Words just poured out of my pen, which, by the way, is a new Bic Velocity, 1.0 point, black ink.  The feeling of a nice new pen (that actually works well), nothing compares.  I usually use the pen my husband bought me several years ago when I had decided that I really wanted to be a “real” writer.  It’s reliable, and it writes wonderfully, and I can fill it with whatever color ink I want.  But sometimes it’s just fun to try out something new.
The yard is coming along very nicely.  By ripping down our deck, we’ve made our yard twice as big.  Once the fence is down, and rebuilt, it will probably feel twice again as big.  It sure as heck will look a lot better!!

2 thoughts on “Ahhhh…..

  1. Titles? LMAO! Oh, yeah, I’m soooo good at those ;)I’m not a pen-and-paper writer because my handwriting is atrocious, but lately there have been a few scenes that I can’t get at unless I scribble them out. Also, you can’t match that total abandon of the “free-write” where you just let the words flow from your hand without thought. You can’t do that on a computer.Besides, I also love a good, new pen 🙂

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