Yet another tired post

I’ve been working like a dog.  Every time I make a decision about one thing, a question comes up about another.  It’s a part of the writing life, but right now it is frustrating me to no end.  I’m trying to just WRITE, but I’m also trying to make sure my idea is good and works.

One thing I realized was broken: my heroine was just not developed enough.  After three years of at the very least thinking about this book, it seems strange.  Yet it is true, my heroine was so boring that she dragged the whole story down.  And I was completely blinded to it because I was too close.  

A little over a month before I go to the CTRWA conference with buddy Viansa.  I’m very much looking forward to attending several of the workshops, including one about writing in more than one genre at a time.  
Well, that’s about all. Unless you want to hear about my roses and my new tree, and all the yard work we’ve been doing…

One thought on “Yet another tired post

  1. I share your frustration, but I have a hard time believing that your heroine was boring! You never write boring characters. I will assume she just didn’t have enough motivation to last the entire novel (or novels). Being a writer of a mystery novel and a women’s fiction novel, the “writing in more than one genre” workshop is one I wish I could attend. You and Viansa get to meet again! Have fun 🙂

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