No, that’s not a raccoon.  That would be me, beyond tired.  I have no idea why, it seems like I should be getting enough sleep.  But I just can’t stay awake in the afternoon.

But… BUT!!  I have figured out my massive plot problem.  I have conquered the demon.  SO now, I can write again! hurray!  It was actually a huge huge problem with my protagonist’s motivation and the inciting incident that sets the whole novel off.  No wonder things were mess up. I would very much like to come up with a working title though…that would be nice.

One thought on “Exhaustion

  1. My working titles always change. I’ve stuck with the same title for my mystery simply because I don’t feel the need to change all the document names until I have a firm submission title. So for now, just have fun with a title for your latest opus. Call it “Sheer, Blinding Talent!” or “This Is The One That Will Be Published First!” Or, if you’re like me, “Butt In Chair!”

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